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In 1960, NISHIE DENIM has started as laundry factory.
Start from 1965, we have been continuing denim wash and processing more than 50 years.
As well inheriting solid technology as developing new technology, we’ve been involved over 100 million denim garments.
The ways of denim processing style have dramatically changed, but with the knowledge and experience we have accumulated, we have confident to accommodate any request from you.

Providing the highest quality denim anywhere in the world

From Okayama in Japan based, NISHIE DENIM manufactures denim garments in China and Southeast Asia. 

We have been involved in setting up new factories in overseas, as well as technical instruction.  We passed technologies and knowledge of NISHIE DENIM the denim factory all over the world. 

With the belief of making and providing “Japan-quality denim” at any factory in the world, we will continue to face the piece of denim.


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