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Solid technology of NISHIE DENIM that has been denim garment washing over 50 years

Washing Jeans

Garment Dye

Improvement of Colorfastness

We can propose and produce various request, such as “reproduce vintage-like clothes” and “garment processing for women looks beautiful” etc.

We can respond to your request for garment dye by various methods, such as reactive dyeing, sulfur dyeing, and middle white reactive dyeing etc. Also, you can request shaving and stonewash over garment dye products. 

Please feel free to contact NISHIE DENIM, if you face problem such as yellowing of the finished garment, poor colorfastness.  Even if those garments are not by NISHIE DENIM, we are happy to propose a problem-solving process.  


NISHIE DENIM is a “denim professional” that make the creativity of our customers comes true. 

Trend research

We are constantly researching in Japan and overseas to share fresh trend information with you.


According to your request, our “denim professional” will make appropriate proposals for fabric, shape, and processing.

Pattern making

We are happy to involve the pattern making. 

Finishing and processing meeting

The craftsman will reproduce the denim upon your request.  A finishing/processing specialist will be present at the meeting if necessary.

Sample making

We make samples several times before mass production. We will make a detailed meeting at time of sample preparation.

Mass production

We can handle everything from the arrangement of sundries to production.  We have production bases both in Japan and overseas, so we can handle small lots.


At the overseas factories, Japanese technical instructors also manage on-site as well as Japan factories. We have a solid inspection and management system everywhere.


We will deliver to the location upon your request, by the specified method.


This is the process which adds functionality to the garments. By using patented technology, garments will have excellent wash-ability. 

Antivirus/antibacterial deodorant

Process to add a very high antibacterial effect and antiviral performance (type A influenza, etc.) to garments. The test results show that the wash-ability has been more than 50 times.

Deodorization processing

By using catalytic deodorant, the effect will last for almost permanently. 

It decomposes various odor causes such as ammonia and formaldehyde. The 99% deodorant effect lasts even after 50 or more washes.

Cool processing

It is a process that uses the effects of xylitol and menthol to give the effect of avoiding heat build-up in clothes.

Warm processing

A process that uses capsaicin and chamomile extract to give a warmer feeling than usual.

Water repellent finish

Adds strong water repellency to clothes. Since it is a product finish (not fabric finish), you can apply to various items such as water repellent cotton products that are not usually used.

Mosquito repellent processing

By attaching the components that insects dislike to the fiber, it will be possible to give clothes the effect that insects such as mosquitoes do not approach.

Amino acid processing

The effect of amino acids can make the fabric smooth. It keeps the fabric mildly acidic and gentle to human skin, so you can use for the baby clothes. 


There are various functional processing. Please contact us for the details.

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